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Kitchen Design That Delivers A Beautiful & Functional Kitchen For The Chef in Your Family

Full Service Kitchen Design and Installation

Is it time to upgrade from that old, closed-off kitchen layout to the ultimate, open, modern kitchen feel?  Not every kitchen and bath designer has the experience or skillset required to build out the best kitchen and baths.  Our Philadelphia kitchen designers specialize in creating luxury kitchens and unlike a kitchen showroom that will sell you the custom cabinets and ship you off to other vendors for everything else, our kitchen design studio will handle the entire project design and product selection floor to ceiling and wall to wall along with the final kitchen decorating.  With our full service kitchen design services, you’ll experience our design ideas for your new space in photo-realistic renderings360 Renderings or in full virtual reality before you demolish a single wall. We’ll measure, design, develop construction documents, manage contractors, and handle purchasing, delivery, and installation of all items. Looking for the best cabinets in Philadelphia? NGD Interiors is the only kitchen designer in Philadelphia where you can find Nina Green Signature series custom cabinetry for your custom kitchen.


Revamp and Refresh

Maybe you like your custom cabinets, but want to move or install a kitchen island or granite countertop.  You don’t really want or need a large kitchen renovation.  Our design professionals will help you achieve a stylish custom kitchen design without the complexity of a full buildout. New paint color, upgraded pantry setup, granite countertop, new stainless steel appliances, new subway tile backsplashes, fixtures, pendant lights, drapery, and light construction are all in scope for this kitchen remodeling. We’ll help you create a luxury kitchen with just the kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, lighting, appliances, finishes and material selections you need. And our Philadelphia kitchen designers will handle the sourcing, ordering, delivery and installation. It will feel brand new, even with just a quick refresh!


Builder Finishing

“Builder-Grade” kitchen cabinets and a lack of attention to detail are common in new home builds and most people end up wishing the builder had worked with a designer in Philadelphia to put together a better kitchen design idea or kitchen layout.  We see all kinds of builder decorating ideas… dark wood, white kitchens, a kitchen island that is too small and inefficient kitchen layouts all leading to a kitchen feel that doesn’t exactly scream “beautiful kitchen.”  With our design process, we can help with design ideas, space planning, details and finishes.  Work with us from the beginning to elevate the builder-grade construction, finishes, lighting, kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops and we’ll make sure you have a beautiful kitchen you’ll love.  Our kitchen design studio will also make sure critical items like light switch placement aren’t affected by the kitchen idea you want to install. Did you just buy a new home in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, West Chester, Bala Cynwyd or Bucks County and expect it to look like the model you walked through, but something isn’t quite right? Our design professionals will work with you to upgrade and finish the space, without a large home improvement project, so you can experience the stylish kitchen you dreamed about.


A kitchen remodel with beautiful new counter space, perfectly placed cabinetry, and vibrant lighting energizing the space are just a few of the exciting design improvements you’ll find at NGD interiors. Since 2012, our passionate interior designers have helped clients redefine the elegance and quality of their kitchen space with functional style in mind. We love kitchen remodeling, and take an active interest in helping our clients discover a refreshed space that is easier to cook in, better for hosting friends and family, and represents your style down to the last detail.

Our versatile kitchen remodeling services in Philadelphia are fully adaptable to your customized wishes. We know that every unique style requires a carefully designed plan, and go above and beyond to organize and orchestrate a beautiful remodel or refresh with dedicated attention to your design preferences. Our design consultation services are easily accessible, and even if you don’t have a design plan in mind, our patient designers will take the time to help you find elements that flow with your space, respect your personal taste, and clearly communicate with you until every aspect of your new kitchen has been thoughtfully enhanced.

Beach House Chic White Kitchen Featuring Nina Green Signature Series Cabinetry Breakfast Nook & Sink

Additional Kitchen Design Information

Full-Service Kitchen Design & Remodel in Philadelphia, PA

When you reach out to our professional interior designers in Philadelphia, you’ll be met with a personal level of service that simplifies the process from start to finish. We take the time to understand your style, specific kitchen desires, and handle every detail of the professional planning, designing, contractor communication, installation, and more. We know that it can be difficult to bring a design to life on your own, but with our knowledgeable kitchen remodeling team by your side, realizing a kitchen design in Main Line, PA that aligns with your interior goals has never been easier. 

Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen in Philadelphia

Whether you’re searching for a cost-effective kitchen refresh to optimize your cooking capabilities, or you’re hoping to change the entirety of your kitchen’s interior theme, we specialize in creating kitchen layouts that function as well as they look. We can help you:

  • To improve functionality & spacing 
  • To meet your family’s needs 
  • To install energy & water-efficient appliances   
  • To add life & color to your kitchen 
  • To increase the resale value of your home 
  • & More 

Access Affordable Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Philadelphia, PA

Thanks to our trusted kitchen renovation contractors, we can provide our clients with a depth of kitchen remodeling service that goes beyond the basic aesthetics. We can help you find, order, and install custom kitchen cabinets, lustrous granite islands, and enhance the energy of your kitchen with a bold new color scheme and luxury matching hardware. When you work with us to develop custom kitchen cabinets or innovative redesigns, you’ll have direct access to amazing deals on kitchen cabinets, matching drawers, and everything else you need to rejuvenate your space.

If you already like the layout of your kitchen, but feel that the space doesn’t quite align with the style of your home, our kitchen rejuvenation services are a cost-effective way to elevate the look and feel of your space. We can help you refinish kitchen cabinets with elegant tones, find accent pieces and kitchen accessories that make it feel like home, and help you find better deals on kitchen cabinets in Bucks County, PA since we have direct access to trusted suppliers. 

If it’s time to bring new life to your kitchen, our friendly design team in Philadelphia would love to chat with you today! 

Find Newfound Kitchen Inspiration With NGD Interiors

During any phase of your kitchen design project, take advantage of our kitchen remodeling insight and discover a wealth of exciting possibilities for your space. Before jumping into a theme or buying a set of custom kitchen cabinets without an organized plan, our best kitchen remodels stem from a deeper dive into your passions. 

As we explore a variety of creative ideas for your kitchen remodel, our kitchen renovation contractors in Philadelphia, PA will help you address important questions, such as: 

  • What is the overall mood you would like to establish? We’ll help you compare a range of neat tricks to brighten, calm, or create a balanced tone and energy. With elegant and subtle touches like improved lighting placement or an upbeat color refresh, you’ll be amazed at the breathtaking transformations we can help you achieve.


  • Are there certain design elements you already like? Our kitchen remodeling experts specialize in blending interior elements with the features and items you already like. We do our best to respect your rustic, modern, minimalist, or traditional style while working to complement your preferences and refine your kitchen’s unique personality. 


  • Is your space as functional as you would like it to be? Perhaps an improved countertop arrangement, innovative storage additions, or a spacious set of updated kitchen cabinets will make cooking and hosting guests more enjoyable.  


  • How can we realize your kitchen remodel for less? Even luxurious kitchen remodeling can be accomplished on a budget. We make affordable kitchen design a reality with more material options, styles that are built to last, and direct access to the custom kitchen cabinet, countertop, and décor manufacturers that have earned a reputation for service integrity. 

Like every creative endeavor, arriving at a beautiful finish requires a clear path forward. By listening first and understanding your big-picture goals more carefully, our companies’ processes take the guesswork out of complex projects. With your exact preferences in mind, we’ll narrow down the matching accent pieces, accentuate the theme details, and present it all to you with a concise rendering for a clear preview of the finalized space. 

Instead of installing kitchen components or purchasing decorations and discovering that they clash after investing, our companies’ services prevent these potentially costly renovation delays. Once we have finalized a beautiful design with you, you can expect our professionals to complete the project precisely as envisioned, in less time, and with all of the above considerations for the smoothest renovation experience in Philadelphia. 

Our Clients Love Working with Us!

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