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After we help you with an elegant new kitchen design, you’ll finally have enough storage, counter space, and a beautiful aesthetic that inspires the joy of cooking again! At NGD Interiors, we specialize in thoughtful kitchen design and would love to help you create a functional and vibrant kitchen that’s better for cooking, hosting friends and family, and naturally flows with the interior style of your home. If your kitchen feels claustrophobic, is lacking essential kitchen cabinet storage, or it feels like preparing a decent meal is next to impossible, our professional kitchen design team is here to help. 

Our passion for functional kitchen design in Main Line and Narberth, PA starts with a dedicated design process. We combine years of award-winning creativity with a focus on helping you identify your ideal design plan. We take the time to discuss every detail with you; we brainstorm the basics like wall colors and floor plan, outline important accessories and storage solutions to improve your life, and offer full-service assistance while searching for the best appliances, kitchen cabinets, and countertops. 

Creative Solutions for Unlimited Kitchen Design Potential in Main Line and Narberth, PA

While many kitchen redesign options may seem limited at first sight, our kitchen design experts know how to make the most of every space. Our comprehensive design plans open up the possibilities in your kitchen, and we simplify the entire process by dealing with the complex details on your behalf. Realizing the kitchen of your dreams doesn’t need to be complicated; we specialize in design, help you find the perfect items, manage the ordering, and oversee the contractor installation from beginning to end. All we need from you are your design preferences, interior dimensions, and the final design approval before we get to work making your beautiful new kitchen a reality.

Brand New Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Main Line

Before trying to manage the complexities of a remodel alone, reaching out for professional guidance is a great first step. From cost-savings on custom kitchen cabinets in Montgomery County, PA, to professional installations handled efficiently by verified contractors, we lookout for the wellbeing of our clients at all times. 

If you’re in the beginning phases of the planning process, our design consultation services are the best way to prevent potential renovation headaches in Main Line. We only pair you with custom kitchen cabinets, countertops, and kitchen decor that are designed to last and uphold a luxury finish for years to come. Our trusted suppliers manufacture their custom cabinetry with attention to detail and have earned the trust of our professional design firm for good reason.


Things to Consider for Your Upcoming Kitchen Renovation:

  • Setting up a temporary kitchen  
  • Type of appliances you want to include
  • Seating needs in the kitchen
  • How extensive will the renovation be? New lighting plan? Additional windows, appliances, sinks, etc.? Expansion into other spaces in the home?
  • Figuring out how much counter space you need
  • The optimal location & height for your microwave 
  • & More

When you partner with our kitchen design professionals in Main Line or Narberth, PA, you can expect clear communication and well-defined project goals every step of the way. We hope to earn your trust with our honest design services and do our best to respect your budget and project timeline above all. We maintain tight budgets with our cost-effective supplier relationships, connect you with exclusive cabinetry and a multitude of interior options, and provide vivid 3D renderings for a glimpse of the beautifully finished space. We aren’t satisfied until you love the design and only move forward with the project once you are completely confident with every last detail. 

If you’d like to learn more about our extensive kitchen designs in Main Line, let us know how we can enrich the energy and function of your kitchen with your preferences in mind! Our passion for excellence in design can be applied throughout the entire house, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any upcoming design plans, need help shopping for the right pieces, or want to learn more about the latest interior trends in Main Line today! 

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Planning Your New & Improved Kitchen Design in Main Line

Designing a beautiful new kitchen can be one of the most rewarding interior projects to plan! Finding that perfect backsplash color, matching cabinets, and dreaming about that much-needed counter space is enough to make every home chef feel alive! We live for those moments of kitchen design joy and would love to collaborate with you to realize your vision, help you refine the details, and simplify your search for the items you need to make it happen. 

There’s a lot to consider as you plan your kitchen design in Main Line. Before making any renovation investments, envisioning how you would like your dream kitchen to look and function can significantly simplify kitchen planning. If you’re still at the kitchen redesign or home building starting line, ask yourself these important questions ahead of time and you’ll have some great ideas to discuss with our kitchen designers in Main Line or Narberth, PA. 

  • What does your ideal preparation and cooking space have? Is your kitchen missing essential counter space, storage organization, or does the layout make it difficult to move around while managing multiple preparation tasks? 
  • Do you like the style of your kitchen? Does it feel welcoming and energizing, or do the arrangement and artwork feel cramped and cluttered? 
  • Does the floor plan align with your stylish preferences and functional needs? Could removing a containing wall or optimizing your appliances open up the space and bring out the best in your cooking? 

Even if your kitchen is functional, that doesn’t always translate into a space that you or anyone else wants to spend time in! Look at the cabinets, lighting, colors, decorations, and seating arrangements, and ask yourself if these features represent your dream kitchen. There’s a lot to consider and compare for a kitchen, and deciding which elements are working and which are clashing can be a challenge. 

To help you figure it out, our kitchen designers in Narberth, PA, pour over every design detail in depth. With the perfect balance of respect for your desires and our experienced creative insight, the result is a better plan, confident purchasing decisions, and seamless kitchen installations expertly managed from start to finish. 

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