Making Your Small Kitchen Feel Spacious and Functional!

Making Your Small Kitchen Feel Spacious and Functional!

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is likely the most commonly used space in any home; it is where we make meals, and gather with friends and relatives. For those who don’t have a large space, people are often forced to congregate elsewhere. Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be that way if your kitchen is designed correctly. The question is though, how do you make your small kitchen feel spacious and functional? Colors, selections of finishes, and space planning all play into the way a space feels.

Inspirational Kitchens

A great example of this would be the Spanish Modern Kitchen project we worked on. This outdated kitchen needed a fresh color scheme, a new space plan, as well as finishes and selections that met the client’s desires. We chose cream-colored cabinetry to brighten up the space, as well as a white subway tile backsplash accented with a beautiful Spanish-style tile behind the range. The accents of black finishes and black grout create a modern look and contrast with the light kitchen finishes.

Use of Open Space

To open up the space, we were able to relocate a laundry closet and the fridge which allowed for an open flow of circulation between the dining room and kitchen. By adding an island it offers more cabinetry for storage, an under-counter refrigerator, extra seating, and easy circulation. This is beneficial to the client because it makes cooking and preparing meals while entertaining or getting the kids ready for the day, much easier. The new location of the fridge makes the space more functional because of the easy access. We were also able to extend the cabinet run by eliminating a door that was not of much use to the clients, providing a tall pantry for extra storage.

Impactful Changes

Just a few changes really elevated this kitchen making it more functional and spacious for this family. Not all spaces will be as flexible when it comes to taking down walls and relocating components of your home but that’s where my design expertise can be useful to your specific project.

If you need any advice or help feel free to give me a call or check out NGD Interiors’ kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia, PA, I would love to tackle this project together!