Wallpaper – Why it Works in Any Room of Your Home

Wallpaper – Why it Works in Any Room of Your Home

Is your space missing just one thing that ties the design together? Wallpaper seems to be a scary subject for most people. ­­­There are always pros and cons to any design solution, but let me tell you why wallpaper is such a great option for any space in your home.

Wall Paper Options 

Wallpaper comes in many different options that can benefit your space especially when you’re deciding on your home’s residential interior design in Philadelphia. A textured or patterned wallpaper doesn’t have to be a busy floral pattern or something that goes out of style in three years.

Phillip Jeffries has endless options for every room. In this mood board, we included the Phillip Jeffries Handira Cloth in Henna for a living room design. The reason we chose this specific wallpaper is that the room has very high ceilings and the clients wanted to make the room feel smaller and more intimate. By incorporating a wallpaper with horizontal lines, it does just that. Wallpaper can add interest to your space and affect the way it is portrayed.

Mood Board-Wallpaper – Why it Works in Any Room of Your Home

We like to add interest to a space by using wallpaper as an accent. Wallpaper doesn’t necessarily have to take up an entire wall or stand out from the rest of the room. In this project, we treated the back wall of the shelves with wallpaper for extra texture. The shades of grey and tan along with the texture bring out the rustic feel of this living room design.

Living Room-Wallpaper – Why it Works in Any Room of Your Home

There are also wallpapers that are great in kitchens and bathrooms because they have a certain cleanability about them that allows for all kinds of messes to happen. This wallpaper can be wiped down from food, dirt, splashes, and handprints which makes it a great option to add texture or pattern to tie your space together without worrying about it getting ruined!

Kitchen-Wallpaper – Why it Works in Any Room of Your Home

Contact the Professionals

These examples just show a few ways to incorporate wallpaper into your home. If you need any help deciding which wallpaper to choose or where to integrate it into your space feel free to email me or give me a call!