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Interior Design Experts in Delaware County

Finally, an interior design that actually represents your personality and functions the way it should! With our home design team by your side in Delaware County, creating the beautiful interior you’ve always imagined is possible. We have a passion for excellence in interior design and would love to work with you on a personal level to help you realize your ideal interior upgrades. From functional and spacious kitchen redesigns, to imaginative color themes and matching decor throughout the entire home, our quality interior design process simplifies transformative design with a dedication to caring assistance. 

The best interior design in Delaware County begins with our detail-oriented planning process. For any interior design in Avalon, NJ to be a success, we know how important it is to respect your style, improve the function of the features and layout, and uplift the space by maintaining the specific tone you’re hoping to achieve. The little details matter, and with every exclusive design we develop, you can expect a commitment to detail-oriented excellence in every aspect of the design.

Some Of Our Favorites

Our interior designers in Montgomery County, PA, and Delaware County incorporate your expressed desires into every detail of the remodel. While updating the look and energy of your space, we never forget about improving comfort and lifestyle essentials. We hope to improve your quality of life with our designs, and will help you discover amazing furnishings and decor that add a depth of personality and luxury to your space.

During the initial planning steps, you’ll find that our interior designers work to highlight your dreams, never to force a specific style. Beautiful interior design is a team approach, and our creative brainstorming processes are as fun as they are productive! While comparing new wall colors, and decorative pillows, or working together to find that perfect lamp for the end table, our Delaware County design team can help you: 

  • Uplift your daily routines by reimagining the bathrooms: Our bathroom designs can include everything from eye-catching tile work to a more spacious vanity with an oversized mirror arrangement. From the customized drawer hardware to the on-theme shower curtain and towels, designing unified bathroom themes is an incredibly cost-effective and impactful way to brighten the energy within your home. 


  • Introduce a creative theme throughout the entire home: Even without an excessive renovation budget, inviting harmony into your home can be as simple as an improved decoration strategy. For example, our firm can help you find matching window treatments, lamps, and other similar decor selections to place strategically throughout the home. By adjusting highlight pieces or a few key elements like the curtains, you’ll be amazed at the symbiotic flow we can help you achieve for less. 


  • Incorporate the best in functional form: The design should serve your daily routines as much as it serves your visual preferences. Our services include a range of multi-purpose interior design options that pair utility with custom style. Easily accessible in Delaware County, we can help you source thoughtful storage solutions like custom cabinetry, and a space-saving armoire for the bedroom, and introduce other value-adding features into any other room that’s lacking in functional purpose.

Personalized Interior Design for Ideal Interiors in Delaware County

At NGD Interiors, we have amazing access to affordable interior suppliers and vast experience helping our clients shop for the right interior upgrades. We know which types of cabinets, countertops, and furnishings are built to last, and ensure that every element of your interior design features quality materials that maintain the beautiful aesthetic for years to come. 

After we understand your specific goals and style preferences in Delaware County, our immersive interior designs include detailed 3D renderings of the final update. Along with the best designs we provide, our personable team offers direct shopping assistance, accessible virtual design consultations, and dedicated in-home advice. We can help you find kitchen renovation materials, compare and contrast the best options for bathroom vanities, and provide you with realistic solutions to improve the utility and flow of every room.

Additional Interior Design Information

Types of Furniture to Know: 

Ottoman: A raised footstool that is often paired with a chair 

Armoire: A large piece of furniture with doors that can be used as storage or as an entertainment unit

Étagère: An open shelf bookcase or display case

Kitchen Island: A freestanding cabinet that can be used as storage or for counter space 

Buffet: A storage cabinet in a dining room where the top is used to serve food 

Before starting a project on your own, get in touch with our friendly designers to get it right the first time. From streamlined design and ordering to ongoing designer support and communication with contractors, we’re here to simplify every step of your project today! 

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